Music magpie freebies

Music magpie freebies

By Sophie Christie. EBay is the UK's largest online marketplace with more than 19m users. But some of these users are far from content — if Telegraph Money's postbag is anything to go by. The regularity with which we hear from sellers who are unhappy with the company suggests eBay could soon see its customers turn to other online selling sites, such as Etsy, Preloved and Depop. Below, we take a look at some of the biggest online marketplaces in Britain, including their terms, areas of specialism — and costs.

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That time of the year again to shop for new mobile phone deals? There's a lot of options to choose from and features to consider, we get that. Do you want to go down the route of Apple or Android? Is an EE contract best for you, or maybe O2? Will paying more upfront for your contract save you money in the long run? The questions to ask yourself when hunting for the best offers on a new phone are practically endless - but don't worry, we're here to help make these decisions easier.

We've condensed all the most important points into this guide so you can compare phone deals with ease. We'll show you what the cheapest and best options for your new smartphone contracts are, thanks to our custom-made price comparison chart. The above comparison is a great place to start the hunt for your new device, as it simplifies the whole process allowing you to quickly find the smartphone and tariff for you. But the advice doesn't stop there As well as more information on specific handsets - everything from Apple iPhones, to Samsung, Sony, Huawei, Google and all the rest.

So whether you're looking for something cheap and cheerful or the best of the best with an Apple iPhone deal or a Samsung mobile phone dea l or even a Huawei Phone deal , you will find it below. There you can compare the best mobile phone deals in the UK and have all of your queries and concerns answered. Everyday our team of editors are scanning through all of the available prices and offers on all of the world's best phones, bringing you unbeatable prices. Below, we've looked into each and everyone of the key phones on the market right now and tracked down the best offers on each.

You can read a bit about each phone and decide what's the best for you. Clicking through to the 'best deals' section on each device will give you more information on offers and details on the phones. If you can't find the device you were looking for below then try searching for it using our custom made comparison chart above.

Just refine your search and pick the device you want to see all of the available contracts on. When it comes to Apple devices there's no hiding our love of the iPhone XR. The device came in to shake up Apple's expensive flagship landscape, offering up a more affordable alternative. This is one of our favourite devices even now in Discover more iPhone XR deals. Perhaps the 6. For a company that has a tendency to not change much between devices Apple really went all out on the innovation with the iPhone X and it is safe to say we were impressed.

Even now going into this is still a brilliant device, although prices do seem to go up and down so don't feel too disheartened if you come across it during a costly period. We've found the best iPhone X deals. What makes this device so popular is its takes from both of these areas - cheap and affordable pricing with high-end specs. Here are the best iPhone 8 deals and iPhone 8 Plus deals.

So there's no getting around the fact that the iPhone 7 is feeling its age now. After almost three years, this device has been replaced by a host of new Apple handsets but, it is still brilliant for its age. While this may not suit the needs of spec fans, it definitely will win over the low price hopefuls, wanting to bag a cheap phone deal.

Here are the best iPhone 7 deals and iPhone 7 Plus deals. Much like the iPhone 7 series, the iPhone 6S isn't exactly top of the line anymore. But, it is incredibly cheap now. Luckily, Apple has always been pretty good at being ahead in design so even if it feels a bit older, it won't look it. Prices absolutely dived on the iPhone 6. Great news, considering it remains an excellent way to own an awesome Apple phone for meagre amounts of money.

See more ace prices with our best iPhone 6 deals and iPhone 6 Plus deals. Sadly, the iPhone SE really doesn't look like its going to be around much longer. As deals slowly disappear and only a few retailers still stock it, we don't give this phone much longer. You can still try and get one but we would advise looking at one of Apple's other cheap devices as an alternative. Here are the best iPhone SE deals. Samsung's newest release, the S10 is a powerhouse of a phone.

Finally removing the bezels to create a flawless screen makes this a device to stand out. With this handset you're getting three impressive cameras, a big battery and processor and a hefty price tag to back it all up. Were you hoping to get Samsung's newest device, the S10 but we're put off by the price. This is Samsung's direct answer to that issue, a relatively budget device with high-end specs.

While you won't get quite as many features as the S10 or S10 Plus and a slightly smaller screen, you're really not losing a whole lot for the reduced price. See more Samsung Galaxy S10e deals. When it comes to high-end phablet devices, the Note 9 has been well ahead of its time since its release. With the unique S pen, a top-line camera and high-end specs, this really is one of Samsung's best devices yet even with the release of the S The one downside is the price, but for specs this good, who can complain.

See more Samsung Note 9 deals. Much like the Galaxy S8, the S9 is now in a weird state of limbo when it comes to pricing, jumping back and forth between extremely affordable and a little bit more on the expensive side. Although the S9 didn't make many big changes on the S8 we're still big fans of the design, features and swift biometric security - not to mention the price of this device has dropped considerably since its release. The prices of the S8 have been in constant fluctuation.

When it first came out it was pretty expensive and since then it has dropped and risen at alarming rates and at one point was even more expensive than it's predecessor the S9! But now it seems the S8 has settled at a nice low price - perfect time to grab yourself a deal on a cheap powerful Galaxy device. Not all too different to the Note 9, the Note 8 can make a brilliant replacement if you're not quite willing to pay Note 9 prices.

You still get the powerful S pen, the beautiful infinity display that Samsung has become known for and a powerful processor. See more Samsung Note 8 deals. It may now have been superseded by a few different devices but the Samsung Galaxy S7 is still a brilliant phone. Now three years old, prices have collapsed on both the S7 and S7 Edge. Huawei's latest and greatest, the P30 Pro is one of the best phones in the world right now. With a camera to match Google, a screen to compete with Samsung and a processor pushing for Apple's crown - this is the phone to be looking out for in Learn more about the best Huawei P30 Pro deals.

The P30 is the younger brother to the P30 Pro and while it takes a bit of a dive in terms of features, cutting out the likes of wireless charging and dropping down to water resistant instead of water-proof, the massive drop in cost makes it worthwhile. It still has all of the brilliant features of the P30 Pro, like 30x zoom and a massive battery but without the blinding price tag. Learn more about the best Huawei P30 deals. Until very recently, this was Huawei's biggest, boldest and most expensive device.

Now the P30 Pro might have replaced it but this is still a incredible device. The Mate 20 Pro is a massive powerhouse device, sporting three unique cameras and impressive features such as in-screen fingerprint scanning and reverse charging. If you're looking for a phablet device with powerful specs this is the one to go for.

Learn more about the best Huawei Mate 20 Pro deals. Back in The Huawei P20 Pro won our award for best phone of the year and it is clear to see why. With a brilliant camera, high-end specs, a brilliant battery life, fast face unlock and an camera to perform in most conditions, the P20 Pro is one of the best phones out right now. Learn more about the best Huawei P20 Pro deals. Huawei might be slightly lesser known than its competitors - Apple and Samsung - in the UK, but it is a major rising force.

The P20 was the device to kick start Huawei's mainstream appeal. With a top-notch camera, big battery and strong processor, this is a budget device with some decent specs. Learn more about the best Huawei P20 deals. There is one thing that the Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL do better than any other device - photography. Both devices come with incredibly powerful cameras and features including night and portrait mode.

On top of the camera, this is an overall impressive device with a nice display and decent processor. See today's best Google Pixel 3 deals. When the OnePlus 6T came on the seen, it hit hard with the angle of budget flagship and it hit it well. Offering up top-end specs for a lower price than its competitors, this lesser known device is a very worthy competitor.

You don't get a headphone jack or wireless charging but when the rest of the phone is this good and cheap, do those things really matter? See today's best OnePlus 6T deals. Yes it might not have quite the same features but for the price you are paying this is a great device to own. See today's best LG G7 Thinq deals. Something quite new in the grand scheme of mobile phones, the Honor View 20 only recently came out in It was the first device to bring in the infinity-O display and packs in a incredibly impressive camera.

These high-end features are topped off by a less than high-end price, dropping it well into the range of budget flagships. See today's best Honor View 20 deals. When it comes to buying a new phone it can be a delicate balance between cost and performance - but why not get both? The Honor 10 floats the line between affordable and powerful. See today's best Honor 10 deals.

5 Genuine Ways we Made £165 on our Spring Clean

That time of the year again to shop for new mobile phone deals? There's a lot of options to choose from and features to consider, we get that. Do you want to go down the route of Apple or Android? Is an EE contract best for you, or maybe O2? Will paying more upfront for your contract save you money in the long run?

Yet thanks to Spotify, Netflix and my Kindle I rarely use them. And with a big house move weeks away, it made sense to try a clear out.

This retailer does not participate in our charity donation programme. As the name suggests, discounts change weekly so look out for regular deals on a wide range of entertainment. Stock up on your favourite music, films, and games on the cheap at MusicMagpie. Or declutter your shelves and swap in your old console games and disks for cash.

Top 15 eBay Alternative Selling Sites To Make Quick Cash Now

F or sale. No longer played. Hemingway himself might have shed a tear at the heartbreaking story unfolding in my living room last week. My wife is expecting our first child, and it was gently conveyed to me that assets such as space and cash were likely to be more important in the future than, say, the second album by the Soledad Brothers. I found it difficult to launch a decent counterargument. Since iPods and hard drives entered my life, the wall of CDs that has followed me through life has taken a backseat. Then Spotify and Sonos came along, and I have barely touched them since. Review: Does It Work?

Music Magpie: Far Far Hill: Freebies Vintage Music Paper - I love free vintage printables. The tutorial will allow you follow step by step to create your own icon masterpiece. Mother Goose Time. Sitemap eBay Styled for you. Join Facebook to connect with Maggie Piantino and others you may know. EE at Carphone Warehouse. This friendly and curious magpie was sitting minding its own business when I came along and decided to try and make friends with it. Clearly music was an integral part of the most valued aspects of this.

Is it worth selling old books, DVDs and CDs online?

Many of us use live streaming or downloads to access their favorite music these days, but there are still a lot of people who listen to DVDs, and are taking advantage of lower prices and the availability of used products online. If you have a collection of DVDs gathering dust in a corner, you can clear out your old selection of DVDs, and make some cash doing it! In other words, you can sell used DVDs for cash. It allows you to enter the item you wish to sell, and then it scans several options for you and returns the best place for you, as a seller, to post your DVD for sale at the best price. The prices are set and the vendors are ready to buy at that price — no auctions or waiting around. Instead, it caters to you, as the one selling a used DVD, and helps you find a price you like for a quick, trouble-free sale. You simply enter the titles of your used DVDs on the website.

Zapper: Sell unwanted books, CDs, DVDs and games

GQ is the ultimate men's lifestyle guide. The 3 issues are yours to keep whatever you decide. With Auto Express you'll discover the fastest car news and a wealth of exclusive stories from the world of motoring. Plus, you'll be sent a free 26 piece toolkit as a gift. But hurry as stocks of the free gift will likely run out quickly with this offer being so good note: The 6 issues and free gift are yours to keep whatever you decide. Enjoy a 30 day free trial with no obligation to continue your subscription, which you can easily cancel at any time within your online account. You don't have to be an existing Sky customer to use the service. Audible books are spoken versions of real books, and can be listened on over devices including Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod, all Android devices, Windows Phone, and Amazon Kindle.

Image Credit: Rene Cerney. Check before you donate these to a charity shop; many won't sell them, and at best they will be distributed to the shop staff and volunteers. Otherwise they just go in the bin and off to landfill anyway. If you have free CDs and DVDs or damaged disks what else can you do with them apart from using them as coasters? Unfortunately however, at present we do not know of anywhere will accept disks for recycling from the general public, and I'm afraid the current advice is that domestic quantities of old disks will not be recycled by most local council household recycling centres, and should be put into your household waste for disposal. If the CDs and DVDs are still in their cases they need a minimum of around 3 tonnes to make collections viable without having to charge you. So here's the maths..

Enter your stuff now and use code. Go, go, go!

Remember Me? Results 1 to 6 of 6. Free football kits from musicmagpie. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Join Date Sep Posts 4, Or for a five a side team. Don't know about anyone else but I've got so many old discs lying around, surely a team, plus friends relatives etc could raise the Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience. Join Date Jul Posts 1, Might be good for anyone who still has a pile of the Forever Love CDs? Or whatever they were called? Join Date Feb Location In yam yam land! Posts 3, Also proud to be a Yam Yam!

Worked for me thank you Abiskup! Thank you! Ordered some Roddie Stewart dvd's for the mother. Worked for me! Thank you. Wanted to say well done again to Abiskup for finding and posting this glitch. I've added some bonus points to your LD account. Does anyone found any kids DVD other then lorax that this code works for. We already have that one and can't find anything else What a great find though! Yes there are few just follow the link above and will be able to fine some kids ones too.

Each site has its strengths so without further ado, here are my favourite sites for each category. The reason I sell a lot of clothes on Vinted is that it only charges fees to the buyer, not the seller. A lot of these sites are free anyway, but eBay charges you the fees as a seller so this is a good alternative. This one works a little differently, almost like a dress agency but basically, they send you a free seller pack for you to pop your clothes in and send them off. To prove you literally can sell anything on there, we recently bought a toilet and sink from Gumtree and thoroughly bleached them times to keep costs down on our bathroom renovation. Shpock is also a great choice for bigger pieces but also for bundles. Preloved is a good site to try and sell your heavier pieces on too. Just when you think Facebook is all about stalking your exes and watching dog gifs on repeat, they go and introduce their own selling platform! Wish Local is another local buying and selling app that you can use to shift any random things around your home. It works a little bit like eBay, so you upload your listing, its condition, etc. I used it to shift a load of stuff before we moved house. They also buy your tech too so phones, laptops, etc. Ziffit is very similar to Music Magpie, but I always like to compare what they offer because sometimes you might get a little bit more and every penny counts!

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