Freebies moustache cursor

Freebies moustache cursor

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Freebies cursor moustache

Something happen to our server on January 13ths and caused the server to pretty much drop dead. Everything from our files and website itself couldn't be reach. Took 6 days, and help from Steven over at Rack I am still working out a lot of bugs. Please bare with the random disconnects and server issues for a bit. Thank you all. Check out this cool cursor set called "Hell yeah" by Agent Cakes. BTW I am loving that name lol. All but one cursor in this set is animated.

It's a very futuristic cursor set, that would go with a similar theme. Or if you just like sharp looking mouse pointers, this one is for. This set comes with. I am not sure if it works on windows 10 though. One other thing, the images seem blurry, but the cursors are actually very smooth. It's because of the gif format that they are blurry.

I haven't switch to animated PNG's because of the fact that not every browser supports them yet. Funny Snowman, is some of the cutest cursor sets we seen around. If you are a pet fan like me, you will definately be interested in his other works. So check out his website ASAP! This is a very unique and well done cursor that is pleasing to the eyes. The graphics as well as the animation are very smooth. It truely does look fireflies. If you got a favorite celebrity, you want to be turned into a cursor, send us an e-mail.

I just turned these awesome dragon ball graphics into some cursors today. These icons were created by Kashewbeans, Faundly, and MikariStar. Check out their Deviantart page for more of there work. The series is ending in 3 weeks I think. And who knows when it will come back. So come back and check for them soon. I updated the CSS codes, that we provide to you to add cursors on your web page, tumblr, blogger, etc.

Our old code look something like this The change isn't much, but I was receiving reports that on tumblr in particular, the cursor doesn't show up on the entire web page. I think this is because, of custom templates, and people pasting way too many CSS codes everywhere to customize their page. Pretty much, this breaks our own code. What the change above does, is tell the browser that, our code takes importance, and that all elements will now display the cursor.

If you are having problems, with our code on tumblr, or your website, shoot me and e-mail or hit me up on twitter. Will start using it more often again. Just redid some old cursors that were created by DaWindow called "Electricity Lightning". I had a few requests for these a while ago and was able to finally do them today. The cursor is really popular on the internet, and I think fans of this one, will like some of the recolor.

You can check out today's addition on the " Pointers " category of our site. Cursormania has a ton of great cursors, and its a shame that they went out of business. But I will try to archive all their cursors, because their stuff is truly top notch, and need to be seen and appreciated. It would be ashame if all their artwork was to be lost.

We got more cursors from them to come. So apparently, the tumblr instructions on this site are not clear. I will work on redoing the instructions on how to add cursors on tumblr and also check out the other options. Also I think tumblr might have done some changes to their site. Maybe they require more a strict coding. But I just tested it on our own tumblr page, and everything seem to work fine. New And Hot. Most Viewed. Most Rated. Most Comments. Cursor Sets.

Special Requests. Site Links. About Us. Terms Of Service. Privacy Policy. Fav Of Month. Latest Blog Comments. June Favorite Cursor Month. Website Problems. X-Steel Cursor Set. Equip Cursor Set. How to add cursors on Tumblr. Hell Yeah Cursor Set. January Favorite Cursor Month. Like Our Page. Here are a few samples of what was added today. If you are having problems on tumblr, send me a message on tumblr and I'll see if I can help. Friends Black Desert.

Dungeon Striker. Myspace Comments. So you came looking for cursors and graphics eh? We got runescape , world of warcraft , pokemon , naruto , twilight , cute, animated, cool, glitter , sexy, and so much more cursors. You can directly download the cursors for your mouse or web site to your hard drive for free and use them on your desktop computer for Windows XP or Windows Vista or Windows 7 or Windows 8 or you can place them on your web site or blog. We were the first cursor site to allow cursor hot linking and cursor download.

There have been many imitators since but you will not see the quality and quantity like here at Cursors-4U. All Rights Reserved. Hell Yeah Cursor Set Date: June Favorite Cursor Month Date: May Favorite Cursor Month Date: March Favorite Cursor Month Date: Tumblr Instructions not clear Date:

Freebies ; Cute Icon II

We carried out the research to find the most suitable chemical special for our customers to cure their problem. Freebies text art: Anis Nadhilah Salsa's Tutobies Blog: Awesome Me Hello im Audhy.

Enter your email below to download the free postcards pack, as well as the Photoshop source file for this tutorial, so you can follow along easily.

Logic- less templates. Look at my web blog. Provide brief description of your blog here. Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere? Hmm, looks like another handlebar.

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Something happen to our server on January 13ths and caused the server to pretty much drop dead. Everything from our files and website itself couldn't be reach. Took 6 days, and help from Steven over at Rack I am still working out a lot of bugs. Please bare with the random disconnects and server issues for a bit. Thank you all. Check out this cool cursor set called "Hell yeah" by Agent Cakes. BTW I am loving that name lol. All but one cursor in this set is animated.

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This is a huge variety of useful designs from Pink Moustache. Create a Simple Mechanic Character in Illustrator. While dragging the shapes press the keyboard cursor keys to adjust. This packs symbols are up, down, left, right arrows, double and two sided arrow, different directions, pointers, triangles, arrows in round shapes, icons, circle arrows in recycling style. Vector Decorative Symbols, including Vector Arrows, then choose from our assortment of creative options, available for purchase on Envato Elements. Cik VIP - diralobaklobak. They have a scratchy, pen drawn doodle quality to their look. No harsh word Jangan. Cursor Nama x2 by Noor Izwani Eliyana.

April - septicisle.

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VIDEO ON THEME: † Cursor Mustache † °Cute°
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