Fatburger vancouver coupons

Fatburger vancouver coupons

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Rio Brazilian Steakhouse

Overall this a great place for larger groups! The meat is not self-served, as staff bring around various types of meat throughout the night but felt the pace of serving was sufficient. We had a good time. We enjoyed the food, drinks were good as well. The overall experience was not that good. For the price charged the food offered is not good enough. It was our first time here. We thoroughly enjoy the food and the entertainment. The service was fantastic.

Great service and amazing food. Not so much the salad bar, but the meat quality,taste, and variety was great. Delicious meats, music was a bit too loud during dances but was welcome with the live entertainment. Our server had trouble remembering requests for water and unnecessarily took away a place setting for someone who was late. A fun experience. Bring your appetite and leave the vegetarians home. It's a nice place.

The meats the offer are not a big deal but the salad bar and the ambience is great! The meat was too little and there were times that servers skip our table. Service was very good. Salad bar was not first rate. Food was incredibly salty. Food was extremely poor. Steaks were too salty. Meats like Lamb took forever to come. Steaks are yummm. Food was so good! We celebrated my husband's 45th Birthday with our kids and the environment was great, clean, and kid friendly! Amazing food, great service and outstanding atmosphere.

A great experience is the best way to describe Rio, it's more then a restaurant and more then all you can eat. Dinner and a show with very friendly and professional staff. Was quite disappointing for the amount of money we paid. The servers themselves were lovely though. The salad bar was just horrible, salads were soggy and not fresh! Meat was in poor quality.

Everything was great except our waitress. Don't know her name, but she's not new because we've seen her working there the other time we've gone. I had a table of 10 and when ordering, she'd only listen to two people max and run off while there's obviously others who also want to order - that happened everytime we wanted something and she acted like she didn't want to waitress. It was like because we're a big group and tip was already included in our bills, she didn't feel the need to do her job.

Being a waitress myself, that was really bad service. I'm happy everything else was great. We had fun, just would've been even better. Thought this would be nice to try. Boy was I wrong. Server was nice. Salad bar was soggy. Left hungry and grabbed a burger down at Fatburger. Horribly overpriced. None of the most advertised on their website was being served. Save your money and go somewhere else.

Good salads, ok cocktails. Service is great and friendly. Pricy but for the experience and style is ok. Some cut abit too salty, other are great. Had my birthday here! Great selection of food! We had a lot of fun due to the service and the samba dancers, but the food was low quality. The buffet was limited and not very appetizing. And we were really disappointed with the quality of the meat. They were all very fatty and greasy, and the meat was not well seasoned.

I generally like my steak medium rare to rare, but most of the meat was more blue rare. Still almost raw in the center. There were only two cuts of meat that we enjoyed and they each only came around once. The service was very good though. Our waiter was prompt and attentive, and had a great personality. There was a waitress that also checked on us from time to time, and she too was very pleasant and helpful.

They were quick to clear away old plates and make sure you had everything you needed. The restaurant has a Samba show on the weekends, and this added a lot of fun to the evening. The manager came around to all the tables to check on everything, which was nice. My only complaint with it was that he touched my shoulder and lingered an inappropriate amount of time. Although we had a fun evening, we likely would not return due to the quality of the food.

Please note: The variety of meats was great, we got offered about 12 different styles and they all came back around multiple times. They even had cinnamon BBQ pineapple! Food was always hot, service was very friendly, salad bar was fully stocked. We ate at 6pm on Friday, and the place was just filling up as we were leaving around 7: I enjoyed the food, but there was an unruly drunk person at the table beside us harassing kids.

We took our Brazilian homestay daughter for a farewell supper before she returned to Brazil, and she raved that it was a total authentic Brazilian food experience. The offerings of different meats were incredible and the salad bar was superb. Staff were incredibly fun loving and friendly. Highly recommend! So good! Amazing staff and the food is out of this world!!! Food is good, though they keep the good cuts of meat until later in the evening. It was a great experience dining at Rio, very accessible in downtown Vancouver!

Friendly and accommodating staff! Enjoyed different variety of meats! Will definitely recommend this restaurant! The food was quite mediocre compared to the price per person, and the servings of the meat was tiny!! Nothing was labeled, which is not only inconvenient but not also not safe, because I am allergic to seafood not extremely and one of the salads had fish in it.

The customer service was very poor, and the four of use left the restaurant very upset, and also hungry. Do not recommend for anyone. Meat is always good. I just wish the server was more courteous to check on us every so often. I had to ask numerous times for certain things. Aside from that everything else was okay. We had a great time! Couple families with kids went out for a fun time and Rio did not disappoint. There was something for everyone to eat and everyone had a great time. Fun to watch the dancers too!

Fatburger Club

There are, actually, a few really good restaurants around town. If memory serves, Burger Heaven was always a hit. Apparently not. I was asked if I made a photo copy of the coupon. Oh, well. What matters is the food!

Thanks for straightening me out Fatburger restaurants worldwide with over.

Waterfront Centre. Store brand name: Fat Burger. British Columbia. Phone Waterfront Centre: Your satisfaction:

Las Vegas Restaurant: Fatburger on the Strip

Hubby and I stopped in as we were in the area picking up furniture. I had heard of this chain before, but neither of us had ever eaten there. We both really enjoyed our meals. He got a classic burger, I got the Southern Fried Thank you for your review.

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Is it bad to not have a burger at a place called fatburger? The people are the strip are just too amusing to miss! We were very surprised with the quick service, food quality and serving size. The entertainment people watching was a pleasant surprise and provided constant humor. The raised seating was helpful and provided panoramic views with comfort.

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Last week, our family we took a drive down to the Las Vegas Strip. Our destination: Our kids love it when we try new places, and that fact that it was on the Strip makes it even cooler. It means eating a HUGE burger — 24 oz of meat weight before cooking. The burgers are fresh and made to order. And, to put it simply, if you like meat, this is the place for you. The ceiling had a bright yellow and red checkerboa rd pattern. Everything was very clean, which is VERY important to me. Sh ortly after anyone finished their meal, employees were offering to take your trash for you. I thought the main wall in the restaurant was particularly cool.

A Canadian Trying to Make it in this World. I made a mental note to find a location during our forthcoming adventures in Vancouver. A few weeks later, I decided to stop by and see what the hubbub was about. I visited during lunch time to find a small restaurant with a patio outfront overlooking a some green space. Inside the restaurant had three large booth tables to choose from or perhaps a counter overlooking the window. Thank goodness it wasn't that busy as for sure there wouldn't be any seating left. Fatburger Storefront on Beatty Street My only downfall this visit, was arriving right after three university aged students who took their sweet time in ordering and asked at least ten different questions each. Of course this was not the fault of the lady of taking the orders. But with only one cash register, there was no alternative. Eventually, after what seemed to be an eternity, I was able to order.


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Kids Small Fat Burger Meal their delivery was no different. Prompt and friendly service. Chicken Meal Your choice of Order time and type Delivery. Fatburger is always delicious, and sandwich on a toasted bun. Turkey Meal Turkey burger, fries. Veggie Meal Veggie burger, fries. Shakes are thick with ice.

This is just a fast food burger joint. But, we are happy to have it since we are vegan and their veggie burger contains no animal products and is pretty good. At the first visit, the server was cold and not really welcoming, but he has warmed up since then. I can't talk about their 'real' burgers though, but their fries are also pretty good better than MacDonald's anyway. I had walked past this diner for years and passed by simply because of the name. Big mistake. It turned out to be one of the best and most economical breakfasts I've had in Vancouver. Very tasty, well cooked and really efficient service. Exceptionally clean too. This place is pretty cool and the burgers are HUGE! If you are looking for something that will fill you up. Eat here! Horrible service, messed up my order twice and no sincere sorry, just handed me a coupon which was more of an insult with how it was presented. I gave the coupon for a cheese burger to a young family. I tried to speak and share why I was upset with the manager, she just did not get it.

VIDEO ON THEME: FATBURGER 1lbs. XXL BACON Kingburger & Maui Banana Milkshake
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