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Eos deals

Eos deals

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Canon EOS M Holiday Deals

It was just five short months ago that Canon made one of its biggest statements in years by launching its full-frame mirrorless camera line-up and brand new EOS RF lens line. A whole new format is a big deal for any camera maker. The EOS R , the first camera in this line-up, however, wasn t hotly received on every front. A new layout, new menu system and not all the ultra-high-end features that many enthusiasts and pros had been waiting for left some confounded at what Canon was playing at - especially when Nikon , just weeks before, revealed its duo of Z cameras , with quite a different focus and intent.

Canon s response? It s cheaper, lighter and will be more familiar for many users - but has Canon lost the plot in what it is trying to do with mirrorless? As one of its statement points the EOS RP is the smallest and lightest full-frame Canon camera body available right now. It s not the lightest ever, though, with that accolade going to the original Sony A7 back in Still, that Canon is within grams of that tiny-scale camera just goes to show how the EOS RP has shed a lot of weight compared to the original EOS R Canon is worried it ll be too small for some, too, as there s an optional grip accessory.

Problem is, the RF lenses aren t exactly small-scale optics. Pop one of those on the front and a lot of that weight benefit is negated. We ve mainly used the RP with the 35mm RF lens, however, which keeps everything compact and balanced. It s a kit option, too, although given how noisy this macro lens is we re not sure it s the best way to use this camera - and as there s an RF-to-EF lens adapter in the box, you ll be able to use Canon s full EF line-up ideal if you ve had a Canon DSLR before.

There s no top display panel to glance at settings. Which, we think, might backfire on what Canon is trying to do here. The EOS R line-up should be about top-end aspirations, not just about trying to get more customers on board as quickly as possible. However, using the camera is easy enough. The layout feels familiar and easy to make adjustments. The touchscreen is responsive, its vari-angle bracket mount an essential to our way of working.

The electronic viewfinder is perfectly fine like that of the EOS M50 too. And there are plenty of up-to-date features, like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. If you ve been thinking about full-frame and want it to be affordable and usable in the same sense as a Canon D then the EOS RP sits in and around that idea. On the performance front we found the EOS R to be a capable system with fast autofocus in a variety of conditions, including low-light situations.

The RP is much the same in terms of its effectiveness, but this is very much lens dependent: We prefer the other optics in the range, which are also silent in operation, like many of the EF lenses. There are slight differences between the R and RP: We don t see that as a big problem and doubt many others will either. The RP has the latest software on board, however, which means its Face-tracking with Eye AF feature can automatically lock onto a subject s eyes when in single or continuous autofocus servo.

Not even the original R offers that in continuous mode, which is great when shooting a moving subject in front of the lens. Using the autofocus is effective with the rear touchscreen in particular - and we suspect this is the way that many will use the camera. The option to drag a focus point around or even pinch to resize it is great for rapid adjustment. Seeing as there s no joystick-style control on the rear of the camera there s not much else of an option - which higher-end users may have otherwise preferred.

In this Ultra-HD the camera crops into the sensor, giving lenses some magnification overall, whereas Full HD p shooting uses the full sensor and thus lenses in stills and video present the same focal length. As you can see in the picture above there s 3. As we ve only briefly used the EOS RP at Canon s UK headquarters ahead of the official announcement, we can t give a deep dive into what its resulting image quality will be like. However, as the RP uses the same sensor as Canon s 6D Mark II - well, it s been adapted for the RF mount, so there are minor tweaks - you can expect the image quality to be one and the same.

We found that sensor to deliver clean results even in four-figure ISO settings - although it ll go much higher, with ISO 40, as standard, and ISO , available through the extended options. Of course this quality will depend on lens choice, which is a key factor in resulting image quality. It s in lens choice that the EOS R series has one of its greatest benefits too. It s largely been brushed over - probably because of the luke warm EOS R reception - but the quality and sharpness of these lenses and the potential of this mount is undoubtedly great.

Yes, the lenses are big and potentially expensive, but this is a full-frame system and that s part of the package. It s worth pointing out what Canon has incoming this year and beyond on the lens front. This it intends to launch:. That s a lot of goodness to take on board. But it still makes us think that the EOS R series is crying out for a champion top-spec model. Well, yes and no. As an overarching way to get more people interested in its full-frame mirrorless line-up at a lighter price point and lighter weight, it ticks the box.

But what the R line-up is lacking is an all-singing-all-dancing camera that enthusiasts and pros will want to see - and the forthcoming lens line-up as detailed above looks to nod towards that camera coming - before making their investment. That may be the perfect lure for those with such lenses in the bag already, who want a more affordable stepping stone into the mirrorless full-frame market.

But in the same breath it s like denying that the RF mount is ready - when that is really this line s big yet understated selling point. And with competition from Sony well established, and now Panasonic and Nikon knocking on the door of this new market in very convincing ways, we think Canon s move to target step-up users is both savvy and overly safe.

The RP is a good camera that might get Canon users interested in exploring mirrorless - even if the core high-spending audience will continue to watch events unfold without a distinct interest in this particular product. YouTube Instagram Facebook Twitter. Who s it for? Popular In Cameras. Sony A review: A star of track and field. Panasonic Lumix G90 G95 initial review: The mid-range mirrorless to buy?

Panasonic Lumix G90 targets vloggers with unlimited 4K video capture. Fantastic panoramic photos that went horribly wrong with hilarious results. Instax alternative? Canon debuts new instant print CLIQ cameras. Best compact cameras The best point-and-shoot-cameras available to buy today. Load Comments.

News & Deals: Canon Cinema EOS C/C/C/1DC

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Canon U. Comment on Facebook. Full story: Canon announced their new Sumire Cinema Prime lenses today. This new set of full frame PL-mount lenses builds on their popular Cinema Primes, which are exclu

EOS to sell Efesto 1 fund’s renewable energy portfolio. It’s a mln euros deal

You ll also find our pick of the best cheap Canon camera deals elsewhere on the site, and if you re not tied to Canon, take a look at the best cheap camera deals for big bargains on other brands. Sure, they may lack the fancy tricks of their pricier stablemates, but the latest generation packs a high-level of functionality into small, light bodies, and are affordable enough to make them accessible to anyone. They re also great backup bodies for pricier cameras, or as primary cameras for holidays and when looking to travel light — and the Canon EOS D ticks all these boxes. Inside a body that weighs just g including the battery and card , the camera sports a This feature, which hasn t featured in Canon DSLR body pitched at this level, lets you focus smoothly when using live view and video recording, an area where DSLRs tend to struggle.

The best Canon EOS R deals in April

We have more big April news to share! Well, Canon once again takes the cake for crazy announcements. Just look at these specs! UHD 16K30 Video 15, x pixels. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. However, in an age where pixel count means more than anything to most filmmakers, having the ability to brag about your 16K video camera to your friends would be well worth the investment. Canon is so out of touch with the video world that they couldn t even do 16K60 video. Hunk of junk. Happy 1st of April.

EOS Fitness Cyber Monday $1 Down & $/month. First 30 days free.

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It was just five short months ago that Canon made one of its biggest statements in years by launching its full-frame mirrorless camera line-up and brand new EOS RF lens line. A whole new format is a big deal for any camera maker.

EOS uses cookies so that we can offer you the best possible service. By continuing to use this website, you are agreeing to the storage and use of cookies on your computer. You can change this at any time by configuring the cookie settings. Teamwork is everything when buying secured receivables. For once, the weather in Northern Germany is not to blame. Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland: The Czech citizen establishes direct contacts with local banks, transaction advisors and property appraisers. Mr Smerak hardly ever misses a business forum or conference. He reserves five days each month for relationship management. He is regularly accompanied by colleagues from the International Contracts department. One of these is Konstantin Pistorius. We are also involved, for example, when EOS is negotiating with sellers and co-investors. Minimising risk and ensuring that EOS can comply with its contractual obligations are also part of the job. The inter-disciplinary cooperation generally starts when a non-disclosure agreement has been concluded between the seller and EOS. At that time, disclosure of initial information about the portfolio and the formal expression of interest on the part of EOS are already taken care of.

Amazon have got some great deals on camera kit today, as part of their Spring Sale. You ll need to be quick, as the offers are only available until midnight tonight 8 April There are loads of great deals currently over on Amazon, make sure you check out the offers so you don t miss out! See the deals. Visit our Competitions Forum, where you ll find our monthly competition and other external competitions to enter. Search for all the latest photography gear and services in our dedicated photography directories. Magezine Publishing Top. Login Join for Free. What is Plus Membership?

EOS uses cookies so that we can offer you the best possible service. By continuing to use this website, you are agreeing to the storage and use of cookies on your computer. You can change this at any time by configuring the cookie settings. In the past few years, the banks there have increasingly been selling non-performing loans NPLs. Such measures are needed because bank regulators require high capital buffers from European financial institutions for NPLs. However, Sberbank is not selling en masse. It has taken advantage of numerous opportunities in Western Europe as well. Take Spain, for example: EOS Spain has profited. It therefore stands to reason that the first purchase in Canada will not be the last. Once again, EOS Immobilienworkout proved its expertise in acquiring secured receivables: And 7, employees with zero doubt about the future: EOS Hungary was one of the first players to realize the potential of secured retail loans - rising to a leading position in the booming market.

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