Counterfeit coupons on tlc extreme coupon show

Counterfeit coupons on tlc extreme coupon show

What you didn't see were stores bending over backwards to let those shoppers break all the store's couponing policies, just for the opportunity to be featured on the show. Extreme anything is ridiculous, and sometimes even dangerous. The word "extreme" is now often used as a hyper-descriptor for anything seen as extra good, extra delicious, extra anything. Extreme Bacon Burgers. Extreme Weight Loss.

30 things you didn't know about extreme couponing

Thursday, April 11, 83 Today's Paper. Have you seen "Extreme Couponing? I've never seen so many coupons for free food in my life. On the last episode, two shoppers had more than coupons for free pizza. This is what you should be writing about in your column! Yes, I have seen the show, which is back for another season. And despite the "reality" label, much of what happens on "Extreme Couponing" is not real.

When the show premiered on TLC in , coupon shoppers around the country hit the Web to voice their concern about the rampant coupon misuse and fraud depicted on the show. Some of the show's shoppers were using coupons for products they didn't buy, which they later admitted to the media, and some stores agreed to double coupons for the show — but not for other shoppers. One supermarket chain blew the whistle on the show's rule-bending, policy-lifting and staging.

Lowes Foods released a statement expressing its regret for participating in the show, and admitted that a member of the show's production crew posed as a customer on camera. Lowes acknowledged waiving part of its policy for the benefit of TV cameras and apologized to its regular customer base. Another episode featured a year-old boy who bought 34 packages of toilet paper with 34 free-product coupons.

After the register beeped and showed an error, the cashier manually pushed the free coupons through, right in front of the cameras. What happened next wasn't shown on TV. When the supermarket sent the free toilet paper coupons in for redemption, the manufacturer refused to reimburse the store because all of the coupons were counterfeit.

During the "All-Stars" season of "Extreme Couponing," shoppers were pitted against each other in a game-show-style competition to see who could save the most with coupons. The winner of the challenge used free-product coupons for laundry detergent, which looked impressive on camera. But about a month after the "All-Stars" finale aired, the manufacturer of the detergent released a statement that said all coupons the shopper used were counterfeit.

Dustin Smith, vice president of communications for Discovery Communications parent company of TLC declined to comment. The show's production company did, however, decide to continue promoting the teenager with the toilet paper counterfeits by taking him on a second shopping trip. TLC featured the teen and his new shopping trip on a subsequent episode of "Extreme Couponing," but never acknowledged his counterfeit coupon usage. I think it's unfortunate that cutting a grocery bill in half isn't exciting enough for the TV cameras.

Some shoppers have resorted to criminal activity to achieve over-the-top "Extreme Couponing"-style shopping trips. To date, none of the shoppers who used counterfeit coupons on the show have come forward to say why. Coupon Information Corporation, the coupon industry's watchdog group, has urged retailers not to participate in future tapings of the show. If you're trying to achieve the extreme savings depicted on the show, please understand that some of these dramatic trips won't be possible unless you break the law!

Unfortunately, with the network, the shoppers and, in some cases, the stores all turning a blind eye to the rules, it gives uninformed shoppers the impression that everything on this "reality" show is real. Jill Cataldo, a coupon workshop instructor, writer and mother of three, never passes up a good deal. Learn more about couponing at her website, http: Email your own couponing victories and questions to jill ctwfeatures. Toggle navigation. What you don't see on TV share Facebook Twitter.

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Is TLC Extreme Couponing Fake? The Truth About Extreme Couponing

Thursday, April 11, 83 Today's Paper. Have you seen "Extreme Couponing? I've never seen so many coupons for free food in my life. On the last episode, two shoppers had more than coupons for free pizza.

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It shouldn't surprise anyone that "reality television" is often anything but real. While the television show "Extreme Couponing" was canceled two years ago, it lives on in syndication. Whenever it airs in reruns, readers write with questions about what they're seeing on TV:. I was watching 'Extreme Couponing' on TV the other day. Who pays the taxes that are clearly listed on the tape register?

Are the Money-Saving Strategies on ‘Extreme Couponing’ Bogus?

You can read more at jillcataldo. Apparently Cole Ledford used several coupons which allowed him to steal Hefty garbage bags. You can see the proof that this coupon is fraudulent HERE and here is a picture of that coupon. People that use fraudulent coupons make it more difficult for legitimate coupon users to have a good experience and they drive up the cost of all products when they steal from stores. From Charolette: How did you get all those packs of Quilted Northern? I know there is a Free Product Coupon that is being sold online that the manufacturer, Georgia Pacific, has said is fraudulent.

5 reasons why extreme couponing is wrong

Did anyone watch? From the e-mails I received today, I know a bunch of you did. There is no need for me to purchase 70 bottles of ketchup. Most of the time, my limit is 5. I always know what I am purchasing, and I know where the coupons I will be using came from. I read there is tremendous pressure to have a very very low total at the end of your shopping trip on the show. After all, it is a show. They have no idea where these coupons really come from. They can be real, photocopies or just fakes.

'Extreme Couponing' show's myths continue

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'Extreme Couponing': What you don't see on TV

Is Extreme Couponing still a thing in ? Yes and no. Why not? Because the rules of the coupon game are constantly changing. While coupons have been around for a long time the first coupon ever was issued in by Coca-Cola , and they will continue to exist, manufacturers are adding more and more restrictions making it harder to coupon for large quantities of items. And partly that is because of people who keep playing dirty: However, there are still many ways to start building your own stockpile and not have to ever pay full-price on basic supplies or staples.

The TRUTH About Extreme Couponing

It was immediately obvious from the first few episodes that they glossed over the amount of time these people spend on couponing. Most of these people make it their full time job. Cutting the actual coupons is NOT all that it takes. The people on this show are not purchasing milk, produce, deli meats, etc. You can not live on extreme couponing alone. You cannot live on processed foods and candy. Coupons are free! In order to stockpile, you have to obtain mass quantities of particular coupons. You have to order them from a coupon clipping service. Coupon clipping services offer coupons for as much as.

Extreme Couponing renamed Extreme Couponing: All-Stars for its third season is a scripted American reality television entertainment series produced by Sharp Entertainment and aired on cable network TLC in the United States and Canada.

Counterfeit Coupons on Extreme Couponing?

Couponers were excited at first when the TLC program "Extreme Couponing" was aired and it motivated a lot of people to try their hand at scoring hundreds of dollars in food for next to nothing. The thought of spending close to nothing for rooms full of grocery and personal products would appeal to anyone who is concerned about saving money. But, unfortunately, the scenarios that we saw by some of the profiled couponers were scripted; stores' coupon policies were adjusted just for the program, and unethical coupon practices were used in order to create the concept of what can be achieved by extreme couponing. During the program " Extreme Couponing ", the couponers were shown in various stages of collecting coupons, including dumpster diving and going to their neighbors to collect the newspaper weekly coupon inserts. Then, they would casually cut piles and I mean piles! The program failed to show the true time commitment behind extreme couponing. Real extreme couponers make a full-time job out of collecting coupons and matching the coupons to stores' sales and utilizing the individual stores' coupon policies to get the very most out of every coupon that they redeem. For many, it is more than a 40 hour work week just collecting, organizing and strategizing the best scenarios for redeeming the coupons. Many die-hard couponers will get up before dawn to be the first customers at the stores so that they do not risk losing out on items advertised as being on sale. There were several examples shown where the profiled couponers received massive savings with their coupons, but in reality, the coupons that they used did not match up with the products advertised on the coupon.

Extreme Couponing: No Reality to this TV Show

The bestcouponerssave hundreds of dollars every month at the grocery store. However,couponerscanend up living very extreme lifestyles to get those savings. For over five years, SavingsAngel. Each week, SavingsAngel. Simply log in, choose the deals you want, print or clip only the coupons you need, and save hundreds of dollars a month at regional and national stores. Josh Elledge is on a mission to help Americans save money and time so they can give. Through his work with SavingsAngel. Latest Popular Hot Trending. Follow us facebook twitter pinterest youtube.

The Myths of TLC’s “Extreme Couponing” – How Couponing Really Works

How did Fout reach her enviable balance of effort versus reward? Keep reading to find out what goes into achieving big savings with extreme couponing. The learning curve is front-loaded and steep. Couponing will devour many more hours than your savings are worth until you get a handle on organization. After six years, Fout has reduced her prep time to four to six hours per week researching coupons, making lists and then going store to store. Brace for anger and resentment from cashiers and other shoppers. Processing coupons takes time that cashiers who are rated on their checkout times and customers in line behind you may resent. Smooth things over by shopping during off hours, giving a friendly warning to people behind you to choose another aisle and developing relationships with friendly cashiers. You need to give up brand loyalty. Your success may be measured by your storage space. Unless you have somewhere to store bulk deals, your couponing success will be restricted to what you can fit into your pantry.

VIDEO ON THEME: J'aime Kirlew committing coupon fraud at target Part 2
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