Centurylink deals for existing customers

Centurylink deals for existing customers

Centurylink deals for existing customers

For all promotional offers listed below, additional service restrictions, limitations, and requirements listed at the " Product Details " link also apply. All products and services listed are governed by tariffs, local terms of service, or terms and conditions posted to Terms and Conditions. Depending on services you select, these CenturyLink surcharges apply: These are neither taxes nor required by law, but set by CenturyLink and may change. Additional taxes and fees will apply and appear on your monthly bill. For information about taxes, fees and surcharges, visit www.

Who doesn t love a promotional discount? They re a great way to try a new service for a low rate. They can make purchasing multiple services at the same time more affordable. And, when they lock in a rate for days, weeks, months or even years—they make budgeting easier. Promotions come in all shapes and sizes, and they re called many things including: And, they re typically based on when you purchased services, what you purchased and whether you re a new or existing customer.

Of course, these good things eventually come to an end, and when your promotion expires, you pay the full price for the formerly-discounted service. Most promotional discounts last for a specific period of time 6 months, 12 months and expire on a specific date. If you re currently receiving a discount like this and want to find it on your bill, look for the name of the promotion. For example:. Some discounts go on and on.

Examples of this type of discount include: We offer bundle discounts to make it more affordable for customers to purchase multiple services at once. To find your bundle discount on your bill, go to either the Package Summary or Your Savings This Month sections of your bill. The Price for Life discount does not expire. Price for Life appears on your bill as a promotional discount for CenturyLink Connect. Federal assistance programs help income-eligible households save on their monthly service bills.

Telephone Assistance program TAP —If you qualify for this program, you receive monthly bill credits to offset the cost of your basic telephone service. These credits do not expire as long as you continue to be eligible to receive them. Once a promotional discount expires, it can no longer be applied to your account. However, new promotions are often available. Standard rates for your services are always listed on your bill. Discounts or credits are then applied to the standard rate to arrive at the promotional rate.

If a promotional discount has expired sooner than you expected, it s possible that something about your account has also changed. Removing, adding or even modifying a service can impact existing discounts on your account. If you think the promotion you were promised has expired too soon or you disagree with a charge on your bill, we want to hear from you. We re happy to discuss your request to adjust, credit or remove charges from your bill, or to simply explain a charge you don t understand.

If you don t know the answers to these questions, it s ok. Contact us anyway, and we ll figure it out. We re here to help! What to expect when your promotion or discount expires. Short-term discounts. For example: Ongoing discounts. Bundle Discounts. Price for Life. Assistance Programs. New discounts. Expiring discounts. Calculating the non-discounted price. To calculate what the standard rate is likely to be once your promotion expires: Find the discount or credit amount on your bill.

Discount that s expired too soon. When you contact us, the more information you can provide the better. For instance: When did you start receiving the promotion? When do you think the promotion should end? How much was the discount? What product s were included in the promotion? Was the promo a single or multiple month offer? Tour of your CenturyLink Bill. Explore and learn about the different sections of your bill with this interactive tool.

Take the tour. Sign in to My CenturyLink. Manage your account preferences and billing information online. My CenturyLink.

Looking for CenturyLink customer service? We can provide you with numerous customer resources:. Along with CenturyLink tech support and customer service, you can find the latest news you can use on the Internet here. The Internet Experts SM stay a step ahead of trends on the web. Learn more about:.

If you have found yourself suffering from a higher internet or phone bill because a low introductory rate has expired, try negotiating a new rate.

CenturyLink offers some impressively high speeds at middle-of-the-road prices. CenturyLink has only four plans but a pretty broad range of speeds. If you live alone and all you do is send email and browse Facebook, then 20 Mbps megabits-per-second will serve you just fine. But if you spend 20 hours-per-week playing Fortnite or all four of your kids stream Hulu at once, then opt for the gigabit plan if you can or at least the Mbps option.

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An internet package that you sign up for now and the price will never increase for the rest of your life. It sounds great, doesn t it? Well that s what CenturyLink is offering, and I felt compelled to look into it when I was exposed to a barrage of "Price for Life" ads during breaks in the Vikings-Bears game. Customers who sign up don t have to lock themselves into a long contract — it s month-to-month — and it doesn t charge you a fee when you cancel. Sounds too good to be true, doesn t it? I certainly thought so, and when you look at the small print on the CenturyLink website , I was right to be worried. Firstly, customers can only keep their Price for Life provided they don t change address or the broadband deal they re on.

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What to expect when your promotion or discount expires

Save on home services in your area. Call now! Get the latest on CenturyLink deals, news and details on current offers. Cities currently or soon-to-be eligible for CenturyLink fiber include:. There are no contracts required, so you can keep your internet plan and price for as long as you want with no obligation. Find fast home Wi-Fi plans from popular internet providers. Use Allconnect to search for internet providers and pricing near you. CenturyLink has a few standalone internet and bundle offers this October.

While we have taken every precaution to allow our site to run in every environment, it is highly recommended that you enable JavaScript for the best possible experience. CenturyLink now has plans with a price for life guarantee. These plans will not increase in price, as long as you maintain service without interruption. CenturyLink Ease provides a number of benefits, which compliment your internet, phone, and television service. With its headquarters based out of Monroe, Louisiana, CenturyLink provides Internet and phone services to customers in 36 different states. CenturyLink is the 3rd largest telecommunications business in the United States, providing telecommunication services to the Government, businesses, and residents throughout the country. In , Clarke incorporated the company under the name Central Telephone and Electronics.

Plans may not be available in all areas or to all customers and can expire at any time. Verify terms and availability with CenturyLink. While many consumers know about them for their internet access, CenturyLink also offers TV and phone services. On this page you ll find the latest CenturyLink promotional deals along with information about customer ratings and how to choose the right plan for your needs. Early Termination Fees. Make sure that you can commit to the entire term of the agreement when signing up for CenturyLink service. Bundle services. CenturyLink has an agreement with DirecTV to offer high-quality television programming as part of their bundle deals. CenturyLink offers a wide variety of speeds, and only certain areas will have access to their high-end plans. DSL, or Digital Subscriber Lines, is an older technology that uses existing telephone network infrastructure to deliver data to your home.

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This is especially true for customers looking for bundled internet and TV plans.

Plus taxes and Regional Sports Fee. For 12 months with mo. Conditions apply. Speed may not be available in your area. Price incl. Not all surprises are welcome, especially when they come in the form of an unexpected bill. CenturyLink bundles lets you have one consistent monthly rate for Phone and High-Speed Internet, so you can budget without any last-minute shocks. No term agreements mean you aren t tied up in a lengthy service contract. Choose the internet speed, TV channel count, and home phone features you want with a CenturyLink bundle! Above all, CenturyLink bundles are made to give you options, so take advantage of everything bundles bring today. Get more of a good thing! The Genie can store up to hours of HD programming, so you never have to worry about running out of space to record your favorite shows. This site is a US Consumer site.

Who doesn t love a promotional discount? They re a great way to try a new service for a low rate. They can make purchasing multiple services at the same time more affordable. And, when they lock in a rate for days, weeks, months or even years—they make budgeting easier. Promotions come in all shapes and sizes, and they re called many things including: And, they re typically based on when you purchased services, what you purchased and whether you re a new or existing customer.

BlueSim to junesen. Chongo to junesen. Their promotion ended last December and they decided to discontinue their phone and just go with just Internet. But I don t see any way for existing customers to get this price. Has anyone been successful getting this price as an existing customer? I figured that I can tell my parents to disconnect and then sign up again, but I m not sure they can handle the disruption of service especially now that they have an VOIP phone service. Also, would they need to change modems going to 80 mbps? When you order online they don t give you an option to have your own modem. Do you "lease" and then cancel? Or is it better to "buy" and then return the modem? They said the only way to get it was to cancel my service and order again. I have prepaid Internet. You lease the modem for the first month, then buy you own modem and return the Centurylink owned modem to save on the rental fee, that is what I did. BlueSim join:

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