Best vacation deals for college students

Best vacation deals for college students

Best vacation deals for college students

Founder of Free Chicago Walking Tours. Jeff Mikos and his wife took a year off from work to backpack the world in Upon his return he started Free Chicago Walking Tours a unique pay-what-you-want tour model that allows travelers to enjoy Chicago regardless of their budget. Founder of Make Travel Matter. Ninad Sharma discovered volunteer travel in led to the fulfillment of two objectives—making an impact on the lives of needy people and helping travelers get an unmatched experience of the country.

60 Awesome Student Discounts

Amazon Prime can seem really expensive for someone on a college budget. But with Prime Student, you get the first 6 months free. Being a member gets you free two-day shipping on most items, free unlimited photo storage, free streaming of thousands of TV shows and movies, and lots of other cool perks. If you use all the perks included, then it could be a worthwhile deal for you. How to get the discount: All you need to do is enter your. This is where Audible can help. It gives you access to professionally recorded audiobooks on pretty much any subject you can imagine.

As a College Info Geek reader, you can get two Audible books free when you sign up below. Sign up for Audible here. Now, however, the deal is even sweeter: But hey, it still beats watching cable TV. Enter your. Totally understandable. Sign up for Apple Music and then enter your. Want to learn how to create your own apps or build a site like this one from scratch? Then Treehouse is the place you should go.

It offers you a library of courses on any coding topic you can think of, all taught by experts. Sign up for Treehouse here. Treehouse is a great place to learn how to code. But what if you also want to learn cooking, computer animation, or music production? If that sounds like you, you should definitely check out Skillshare. They have over 20, courses on pretty much any skill you would want to learn.

If you can explain it using a video, Skillshare probably has a course on it. Normally, Skillshare offers free one-month trials of their premium service. But as a College Info Geek reader, you can get 2 months free when you sign up with the link below. Sign up for Skillshare here. Digital discounts are cool, but some parts of life still happen in the real world at least until we all upload our consciousnesses to a matrioshka brain.

So what kinds of student discounts can you get for in-person services and services that exist in the real world? Check out this blog post from Amtrak to learn about the different student discounts they offer. Okay, so the library is as much a collection of resources as it is a service, but it can provide you with lots of helpful perks. Sure, there are books and databases to help you write research papers , but did you know that your library likely has access to movies, magazines, online training libraries like Lynda , and even rare historical artifacts?

So take advantage of them! Bonus Tip: You should also check out your local public library. Most museums offer some kind of student discount or even free admission to students on certain days. Usually, all you have to do is show your student ID. In many cities, students can get a discount on public transit services. Check the website of your local public transit provider. Zipcar can be a great alternative, and many universities have partnerships with Zipcar that allow you to use the service.

Search here to see if your university participates. And, of course, see if your local indie theater offers discounted student tickets. Check the website of your local movie theater or ask at the box office. Budget also offers a couple discounts: Most major auto insurance providers offer a student discount. Here are the major insurance providers that offer some kind of student discount, along with the requirements for claiming it:.

It never hurts to ask! Alternatively, you could just use wifi for most services and get a low-cost provider such as Republic Wireless for when you do need to use data. Software can be expensive. Which is a shame, since knowing how to use certain programs really well can land you some solid jobs when combined with the right soft skills , of course. Luckily, there are a few discounts available to students on some popular software products.

Before I get into the discounts, however, I should note that you can often get access to most software for free through your university. Some programs, like Microsoft Office Suite, are free to any studen t. More specialized programs may require you to be enrolled in a specific class or major. To find out what you can get access to for being a student, visit your campus IT website or talk to a campus IT employee. But if you do know what Github is and either use or plan to use it, you should know about the GitHub Student Developer Pack.

Any student over the age of 13 is eligible, regardless of major. All you need to sign up is a valid school-issued email address, valid student identification card, or other official proof of enrollment. Learn more and sign up here. We already mentioned that you can likely get access to the Microsoft Office Suite for free through your college. All you have to do is visit this page and enter a valid school email address. Want to use the same software that Thomas uses to create his videos, that Ashley uses to make all our cool illustrations, or that I use to process all the images for my articles?

Then you need Adobe Creative Cloud. This gives you access to Photoshop and Lightroom, plus 20GB of cloud storage. Ableton is one of the premier music production programs on the market. This discount is available to any full-time student, not just students who are studying music or audio engineering. While there are lots of competitors, Evernote is still one of the best note-taking apps out there. It lets you organize your notes and sync them across all your devices.

In fact, Thomas features it as his preferred note-taking tool in his productivity systems course. Visit the Evernote Students page and sign up with your. It has a cleaner interface than Evernote, and it also lets you write without taking your fingers off the keyboard to change formatting. If this changes and we hope it does! Visit the Ulysses for Students page , download the app to your Apple device, and enter your student ID information.

But if you prefer to buy directly from a store, are looking for certain exclusive discounts, or are shopping for something you need to try on first like clothes then here are a few places that being a student can save you cash:. Unfortunately, many classes still require textbooks. If you happen to be in one of them, then you should never pay more than the bare minimum for the book.

Chegg is our favorite site for getting the best deals on textbooks. The discount amount varies, but you can bet it will be less than the campus bookstore although it never hurts to compare. Just visit this link and start shopping for books. Check out our ultimate guide to finding cheap textbooks for even more ways to save. Learn more here. Prefer to get a computer from Dell? Note that this is more of a rebate than a discount. Check this page for the current discounts available to students.

Or consult someone at a local Apple Store. Check this page for the current student discounts. Ah, Goodwill. I spent many a Friday afternoon perusing the marvels of the local store in my college town. But more than just being cheap entertainment in a small town, Goodwill can be a great place to find quality clothing and home goods at a cheap price.

Specific requirements vary by store. All you have to do is show your student ID if they do offer a discount. Looking to buy your groceries or toilet paper in bulk? Okay, so there are too many student discounts available at clothing stores to be worth listing here. Assuming you still buy your clothes in person, the best approach is to go to any store you visit regularly and ask if they offer a student discount.

Some of these discounts are valid both in-store and online, while others are only available in the store. Looking for something to do in your free time besides playing video games or browsing College Info Geek? Then take advantage of the many free and discounted events available to you as a student. Want to take in some culture or are required to do so for your Western Humanities class? In some cases, your student status can get you in free.

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View Tours. Feel confident with personalized support and a free international training tour. We re an education company first. Experiential travel is how we bring it to life.

College is a great time to experiment—take a leap and try things out of your comfort zone. While living on a college budget can be restricting to travel, it is well worth saving up for, and you can use your spring break or summer vacation to travel, with friends or solo.

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10 Bucket List Trips to Take in College

Cuddling a puppy. Squishing sand between your toes. Flipping your pillow over to the cool side. Taking off your thirty pound backpack after a long day of hiking. You sweat, squat, suffer through a number of undignified tasks, and somehow smile through it all. The sense of accomplishment you feel after completing a long day of trekking through rough terrain is truly unparalleled.

Spring Break Ideas: Top Spring Break Destinations For

After such a long, chilly winter, there s one week that represents the light at the end of the tunnel — spring break. If you need a quick escape but are reaching into empty pockets, consider booking a trip to one of these surprisingly cheap spring break destinations. Of course, the word "cheap" is relative, but if you shop around and do your research, you should be able to book reasonably priced tickets to any of these beautiful locations. If you re really scrambling for extra pocket change, stick with one of the four destinations in the United States listed below. If you re close enough to drive, do it. If you re not, chances are you can score a low cost flight. If you re really craving a little adventure, try out one of the four international destinations we ve included in our roundup. They ll be a little pricier than if you stay in the states, but these trips are still a bang for your buck. These eight destinations are located on beautiful beach fronts because really, if there s one prerequisite for a proper spring break, it s a beach , and they range from chill to Spring Breakers status in regards to their party scenes.

15 Great Countries You Can Visit on a College Budget

Spring break is the perfect time for a getaway to a sunny destination. Falling between February and May each year, spring break trips cater to families, college students, couples, and friends alike. Plenty of cheap flights , exciting vacations , hotels, and cruises are available—and those who book well in advance will save the most money on their spring break getaway. Outside of the U. While many families take this opportunity to travel with their school-age children, spring break for college students in the U. Typically spring break takes place between mid-February and mid-April , with most spring breaks scheduled in March.

Walt Disney World Deals

Forget about it. Luckily, there still exist some awe-inspiring travel destinations that can be well experienced on a college-friendly budget. Below are fifteen great travel destinations you can visit on a college budget, all of which were chosen based on safety, accessibility, and in-country costs of accommodation, food, sights and tours, and local transportation. Pricey Galapagos Islands aside, Ecuador, and especially its capital city of Quito, is a paradise for budget travelers. Adventure activities are easy on the wallet in Ecuador, though the cheapest and perhaps most meaningful activity is exploring Quito by foot. Cathedrals, plazas, and picturesque streetscapes are around just about every corner, and delicious and safe street food can be had on the cheap. Still less developed than other Central American travel destinations, Nicaragua is a great country for the backpacker or adventure-seeker.

The Ultimate List of Student Discounts and Deals – Winter

If you re being weighed down by the books and are ready to take an unforgettable vacation that won t break the bank, we ve got you. Spend your college breaks in some of the best places for college students to travel. As much as it can be fun, we all know how much pressure students are under. Spending endless hours studying can take quite a toll on you. To balance this out, you should indulge yourself in the freedom of being away from home. What better way to do this than travel? If you need some inspiration about where to spend your vacation, here are the best places for college students to travel:. If you want to visit one of the most beautiful beaches in the world without blowing your budget, Tamarindo might be your next destination.

Amazon Prime can seem really expensive for someone on a college budget.

7 Cheap Backpacking Programs for College Students

Travel more, spend less. Extra promo codes and discounts right this way. Become a FREE member to access our exclusive student travel discounts. Promo codes straight to your inbox so you can double dip and save even more on your discounted airfare. Sound good? We thought so! Travel for less and live for more with deals, contests and more. StudentUniverse empowers young adults to experience the world with discount travel. For students and those under 26, our cheap flights , hotels and tours make it affordable to travel anywhere you want to go. Although we specialize in student and youth discounts, most of our promo codes apply for all ages. Helpful links. Join our travelsquad.

Get the college crew together for one more adventure. The immediate aftermath of college graduation is fraught with competing emotions. Your mood is a mosh pit of relief, excitement, uncertainty, exhaustion, anxiety, sadness, happiness, and pride, fluctuating as each sentiment takes a turn overshadowing the others. But slyly grounding you is a newfound, unchartered stress: Piercing the graduation celebrations, apprehension can creep in — soon your closest friends will be sprinkled around the country, far away from you and the lifestyle you co-created over the past four years. The most beautiful college in every state. The cities and countries on your list will have to strike a pretty specific dynamic to complement the tone of this time period. The country is really accessible as a backpacker on a budget: These companies also help organize activities you can sign up for, subsidizing a lot of your planning.

Travel can be tough to afford when you re a college student strapped for cash. But plenty of websites offer stellar student travel deals, if you know where to look. The best part? Many of them will continue after graduation, offering anyone in their "youth" age ranges a deal. So study up! There are deals to be found. Student Universe offers special rates on flights, hotels and tours for students ages at degree-granting universities. You can access student deals automatically, but occasionally you ll have to prove your student status by sharing a class schedule, ID card or other documents. Some Student Universe deals don t require you to be a student: Anyone age can get in on the action. S TA provides flights for all ages, but some of their airfares are available only to full-time students and travelers under THOSE are the ones you want.

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