A lying mouth deals death to the soul

A lying mouth deals death to the soul

A lying mouth deals death to the soul

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Lying mouth deals death to the soul.

A real god. And I deem your manner of ruling to be wrong, Noah! You literally mean everything? How can there be any aesthetic in 'everything'? There can be no beauty in an aesthetic without value!! It's about balance — a beautiful balance like perfect symmetry! You are not suitable for the task of ruler!! I'll show you a way of ruling that is bursting with beauty! If you survive, that is.

Kid also has a great sense of morality and order, having expressed to the Flying Dutchman that despite being a god, he doesn't deny evil and that there's no one person without some evil within them. However, he believes that everything is about balance instead and strives to keep the balance between "good" and "evil" in equilibrium. He's quick to question his own father's actions when he had the DWMA storm into Baghdad when searching for Asura and explained that it's wrong to impose their will on others, though was understanding and sympathetic of his father when he realized that due to the threat of Asura, his father doesn't have the luxury of "playing it safe" and may be reckless in his decisions.

Like his father, he also has a fierce and much darker side in his personality. While normally calm and collective, Kid is still susceptible to being angered, such as when Mosquito insulted his father [20] and when Noah's Group announced their plan to assassinate Maka Albarn , he showed a considerable amount of anger. Described as being "too much of a perfectionist", [23] he initially was very obsessed and concerned with orderliness and paying excessively close attention to detail so much so he complained about Liz and Patty's breast size being irregular, chose them as weapons due to their twin appearance in their weapon forms, and even refused to attack the Wrath of the Pharaoh due to symmetry.

As well as this, he dislikes the fact that his Lines of Sanzu were incomplete and upon Liz pointing it out, he called himself an ugly pig and worthless piece of garbage until he was quickly cheered up by his fellow weapon partners. Despite this flaw, he is noticeable not unaffected by his father's appearance despite it being asymmetrical possibly due to his immense respect for him. This is a bit more evident when Kid was shown to even willingly sport the same robes of what his father wears on missions.

Kid has his own, odd quirks. His favorite number is eight due to its symmetry [11] and, according to Liz, was willing to try and place himself in exactly eight seconds during a meter dash test and end up not meeting the time. While under the influence of the Madness of Power, Kid's personality changes dramatically due to his yearning for the perfect world. However, instead of balance, he strives to achieve "nothingness". Death the Kid appeared as a thin, teenaged young man who is a bit shorter than Liz and Patty and reaches only up a little past the latter's shoulder.

At this point, he is centimeters tall about 5 feet, 2 inches. Kid's eyes have two shades of yellow ringing around his pupil. The outside ring is a bright yellow while the inner ring is a dark yellow, similar to the color of gold. He typically sports a standard black suit with white rectangles. The rectangles are placed in a manner that is completely symmetrical.

There are at least six small rectangles along the seam where the sleeves attach to the jacket, and four small rectangles run along the front of his jacket. His undershirt is a formal white dress shirt, and a metallic skull rests under his collar, and could be used as a tie. His color scheme is meant to copy his father's. He also sports black hair with three white stripes, known as the Lines of Sanzu, along the left side of his hairline. When observed by an individual with Soul Perception in account of his personality, his soul appears in a orange-red color with white stripes representing the Lines of Sanzu.

When expanding, however, the color of his soul changes to that of blue hue with white lines, along with dark, Death Claws surrounding the soul. They resemble Death 's current mask. On some missions, Kid dons a cloak and mask that resemble his father's current wear out of pure enjoyment of liking it. After the time-skip and being rescued by Spartoi and joining, he appears slightly more aged and taller, enough to almost reach to his father's shoulder.

He later wears a simple black shirt with a black jacket along with black shoes when acting independently. His color scheme have further seem to mimic his father, the only variation in color now from his face. During his time under the influence of the Madness of Power inside the Book of Eibon , Kid sports a black suit with white stripes and a white cravat along with black pants and black shoes. He also appears to have 5 black lines on the area of the mouth and lips, appears as if his mouth is sewed shut.

According to both Liz and Patty, Kid shares a resemblance to Asura. Upon connecting the Lines of Sanzu during his battle against Asura on the Moon, Kid's appearance changes for the remainder of the series. Kid is shown wearing a black cape similar to his father's, though he keeps his skull brooch. His pupils change to skull shapes, though they remain golden. His Sanzu lines are fully connected and are "floating" around his head.

These changes are due to him becoming a full Shinigami. His soul takes on a different appearance, the size being about the size of The Moon in the Soul Eater world. In addition, his soul looks exactly like his own late father's soul, with 3 spikes protuding that makes the entire soul resemble like that of one of his skull masks. This level of power was Kid's capability prior to him connecting one of the Lines of Sanzu.

After connecting one of the Lines of Sanzu , his power rose to the point of being on par with that of Mosquito in his second most powerful form Years Ago , a impressive power up considedring he and Free in his Werewolf form was unable to contend with the Bloodsucker prior. It is assumed that Death the Kid's overall power in the anime is the same period as he was prior to the first connection of the Lines of Sanzu, making him most likely the most powerful student Meister within the Academy and one of the most powerful DWMA members overall.

When channeling his own father's power from the Lines of Sanzu and their unique connection whenever Kid is on the verge of imminent death, his power skyrockets to more higher, potent levels as well as grant him access to extremely powerful forms. In his Emergency State, he is capable of reducing Asura from his Giant form to his normal, humanoid form with one, charged shot. Kid is a talented gun-type meister, his choice of weapons being that of the Demon Twin Guns.

When using the demon tiwn guns, his wavelength bullets are strong enough cause pain even for Free [45] , and destroy both Pyramid Anubis and the Wrath of the Pharaoh. Death God Physiology: Due to being a Death God, Death the Kid possess a physiology far more advanced then most beings in the series, especially that of humans. He's stated himself that he's immune to toxins [51] and heals much faster then any normal human being can. Despite receiving moderate damage during his battle against Mosquito in his form from years ago , he was able to heal quickly and move on.

Death the Kid's ability with a skateboard such as Beelzebub is immense, being skilled enough to ride it like that of a normal skateboard as well as even use it offensive in combat. Kid possess some skill in drawing, in which may have manifested thanks to his perfectionist tendencies. Kid uses his inner Madness synonymous to "Madness Takeshold" to boost his power. Being exposed to this capable from the Great Old One of Power , Kid has the ability to call upon his inner Madness Madness of Order and boost his own power to his full potential.

When exposed the first time, it turns him insane, gaining a different mindset, and allowed for more brutal attacks. After regaining his sanity, he also gained the power for it the done while sane though normally done in small increments. The downside is using it for too long subjects him to going mad with Madness. He normally utilizes this when Maka Albarn and Soul Eater are around. When in this state, the "emotion required" is what he calls a "cool and deliberate intent to kill". Both forms give him a darker attire compared to his Spartoi outfit.

While his insane mindset gives him lines down his mouth to appear as If sown shut, his sane mindset lacks that feature. When in an life threatening situation and was nearly killed by Asura, Kid was able to tap into the power of the Lines of Sanzu and as a result, his own father's own. When in this "emergency state", he gains unbelievable power in which his technique could decimate even Asura, a powerful Kishin with sufficient power to defeat Death , in his Giant Form.

After having connected the Three Lines of Sanzu, Kid permanently attained a newer state, becoming a true Death God and replacing his father as the true Death God of the world. After attaining this state, he can switch between his normal form with all three Lines simply connected or a form in which shapes his eyes like that of his father's mask and a long cloak reminiscent of his father's own.

After attaining this form, his power would skyrocket to god-like levels, his soul swelling to around his own father's level. After connecting all his Lines of Sanzu, Kid gained a Madness Wavelength capable of spreading in a specific area. It's unknown how powerful his Madness Wavelength truly is. With use of the Demon Twin Guns, Death the Kid is capable of using their weapon form's ability to condense his soul wavelength and fire powerful bullets capable from stunning and injuring an individual to lethal levels capable of destroying bodies such as the likes of the Wrath of the Pharaoh depending on the situation.

Due to suffering from perfectionist tendencies early on in the series, Death the Kid avoided destroying anything remotely symmetrical even If the said symmetrical subject was, in fact, the opponent. In addition, he could easily be knocked out should he notice any part of his body asymmetrical to the point his body would cause him visible injury just from the realization of it that not only makes him spit up blood but also put him in bed for a week.

Without the appearance of BOTH Liz and Patty, Death the Kid also refuses to use just one of them due to his perfectionist tendencies and prefers to use both of them. Although powerful in his own right alone and competent in martial arts as well as godly powers, Death the Kid himself is not as powerful as when wielding the Demon Twin Guns. According to Auntie , although Kid has the strength to overpower opponents like Kaguya , his "sensitive" and "delicate" way of fighting holds back his ability to do so.

He was trained at a young age by his father to be his next heir. Kid himself worked hard to be the next generation death gods, unaware of the his father's fate once he becomes complete. As he got older, he grew a reputation for being a very talented and able fighter. Many students felt as if no one could compete with him. Eventually, he expanded his interest in being a meister for his own specification. He eventually heard of the Thompson Sisters and was said to bring them into custody.

In the anime , he was even offered some weapons by his father and Spirit Albarn. He himself denied the offer. He eventually heard of the Thompson Sisters and was ordered to bring them into custody. He, however, also made the Thompson Sisters his weapons. While Tsugumi is at Master 's cafe one day, Kid enters, coming to inspect and make sure Liz and Patti aren't causing trouble, as they are on probation and it is his job to watch over the sisters.

Upon seeing Tsugumi, though, Kid impulsively goes to fix her pigtails so they are symmetrical, albeit being so close to her face makes her noticeably embarrassed. Death the Kid is first introduced while in the process of conducting a mission with his twin pistols Liz and Patty Thompson. After failing the mission to capture Lupin , he speaks to his father, Shinigami , and decides to go after the witch Samantha. She is controlling mummies at the pyramid of Anubis.

The Science of Near-Death Experiences

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Empirically investigating brushes with the afterlife. N ear-death experiences have gotten a lot of attention lately. The book it was based on, published in , has sold some 10 million copies and spent weeks on the New York Times best-seller list. Two recent books by doctors— Proof of Heaven , by Eben Alexander, who writes about a near-death experience he had while in a week-long coma brought on by meningitis, and To Heaven and Back , by Mary C. Neal, who had her NDE while submerged in a river after a kayaking accident—have spent 94 and 36 weeks, respectively, on the list.

A Death in the Desert

And finally, you believed in others to construct a pillar of strength that would tower over horror. But it is a frail pillar indeed! Easily toppled!! And once it does, you are done! Madness will take over again!

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Wisdom - Chapter 1

A real god. And I deem your manner of ruling to be wrong, Noah! You literally mean everything? How can there be any aesthetic in 'everything'? There can be no beauty in an aesthetic without value!! It's about balance — a beautiful balance like perfect symmetry! You are not suitable for the task of ruler!! I'll show you a way of ruling that is bursting with beauty! If you survive, that is. Kid also has a great sense of morality and order, having expressed to the Flying Dutchman that despite being a god, he doesn't deny evil and that there's no one person without some evil within them.

Hospital security footage captures the haunting moment SOUL leaves a body


Death the Kid







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